Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Grade 5


                                Grade 5

  When I think of my grade 5 experience  I think of a lot of great memories like all my friends at St.Bernard, my very colorful classroom, my wonderful teachers and all the awesome field trips we are so lucky to get. I cant believe that next year is my graduating year. My grade 5 year went by so fast! My best memories of this year are skyping Katelyn after her surgery so she could be apart of our lessons, she is one of my best friends. I loved having Jenna from the DE room in our classroom because everyday I would walk into the class the first thing I would see was her smile. She was always excited. I also loved how Ms. Porcari taught us about electronics it was so cool to learn. For the grade 4`s I would just like to say you should enjoy your grade 5 experience as much as I did also, the year might go by really fast but that doesn't mean you cant enjoy it.

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  1. Norah I agree with you that the year went by so fast! I think those are all great highlights you have listed! I wish you all the best in grade 6 and remember to make it the "BEST YEAR EVER"!