Tuesday, 1 December 2015

with a thump, down the chimney he came

                    A Christmas Story
 With a thump, down the chimney he came and a sound on the roof I knew he was coming. I jumped out of my warm cozy bed on to the freezing wood floor. A shiver went down my spine. I went down the creaking stairs. The first thing I saw was the Christmas tree, it had colourful lights and shiny ornaments. There were a bunch of presents underneath the tree. The milk and cookies I left out for him were gone. He was there! I saw him with his red jacket and hat, his black boots and his bag of toys, it was....
                                  SANTA CLAUS


  1. I think you did a great job! I really liked that your were being very specific, like the "colourful lights and shiny ornaments." I remember a time when I was little, waiting to hear santa come down the chimney. Do you remember any moments like that? Next time you might want to try adding metaphors or similes. Over all great job!

  2. Hi Norah! Great job:) I really loved your writing,it was descriptive and had amazing details. I could definitely tell you took your time and put a lot of hard work into your writing. I remember 4 years ago I got a video from santa and he knew what I wanted.Maybe next time you can explode the moment a little bit more. ( what you smelled, what you saw, what you were thinking e.g.c ) Over all awesome job Norah!