Wednesday, 4 November 2015

100 word challenge

                                      A Bad Decision

One day these three children were playing outside. They were bored. They decided to go to the park. On the way there the three children saw a red object in the distance. They went to pull it out of the mud. It was a RED TOY CAR ! They rolled it all the way to a road it was on a hill. Two of them hopped in the third one pushed. When it started to go he took his feet off the ground it was going so fast that they couldn`t slow down. .....That was a bad decision! 


  1. Hi Norah! I like that in your story you used expression, like when you wrote "RED TOY CAR ! " and "That was a bad decision!". Great job! Maybe next time you can make the sentences longer so the reader does not have to take TO many breaks while reading your story. Also, try to use more descriptive words so the reader can visualize your story. Over all great job!

  2. I really liked that your story was about a bad decision! I also liked that you capitalized a RED TOY CAR because it makes it stand out! Perhaps next time you could make your story a bit longer to add more descriptive words. I remember when i was younger I would have always found thing and wanted to play with them. Have you done the same? Over all I think you did a great job!